Bow chicka bowow!


Judging by the fact that he has craigslist personals as a quicklink… this is going to Neil fairly soon. Not sure which side of the case he’ll be on though. On the one hand he loves checking out personals for the dirtiest possible thing that chicks/guys will do. On the other hand neil will do anything for a recommendation that will get him into med-school.

can you pay me in recyclable cans and bottles?

seriously dude, just pay me in recyclable cans and bottles and i'll find a way to get around sejiepoo.

She [UM Law school student] said she didn’t have intercourse with Eliav but he paid her $300 for other sexual acts, the article said. The student told police that she allowed Eliav to strike her buttocks with a belt, and after she got upset he slapped her twice in the face, according to the News.

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