Bow chicka bowow!


Judging by the fact that he has craigslist personals as a quicklink… this is going to Neil fairly soon. Not sure which side of the case he’ll be on though. On the one hand he loves checking out personals for the dirtiest possible thing that chicks/guys will do. On the other hand neil will do anything for a recommendation that will get him into med-school.

can you pay me in recyclable cans and bottles?

seriously dude, just pay me in recyclable cans and bottles and i'll find a way to get around sejiepoo.

She [UM Law school student] said she didn’t have intercourse with Eliav but he paid her $300 for other sexual acts, the article said. The student told police that she allowed Eliav to strike her buttocks with a belt, and after she got upset he slapped her twice in the face, according to the News.

T10P2HOW/RT3 – #9


# 9. This Guy:

That Guy

That Guy


He has sweet hats, his one head has an awesome mustache and he’s standing in front of a mic so he’s obviously a talented entertainer.

Now ask yourselves, what do the twins bring to the table? Their sense of style is nothing compared to this fellow (you know that homeless guy living in our dumpster? Look again. That’s a Pess wearing her trademark sweatpants and northface scrounging for treats.)

Same with personality. Look at this guy–he is morbidly obese, probably has a lot of trouble picking up chicks and is most likely going to die soon. Oh, and he has two heads. Despite all this, he’s still smiling. The last time we saw one of the twins smile was when that guy asked Rebecca to do that thing with her…


He probably has two penises so I suppose including him in our group also means that we’ll never see Sachin again.

Final Verdict:

Same number of heads yet twice the amount of not being dead inside. You can’t argue with mathematics folks.

Congratulations, double-headed guy. Your dad probably left your mother after she gave birth to you but at least you’ve been picked to hang out with us instead of the twins!


This is what I do with my life...

This is what I do with my life...

a2Maid Kickoff


I spent what little creativity I had on the original maid, I need ideas for new posts. Go.

Disclaimer: I may or may not adhere to the vote results. Also, considering I first made this blog over summer, I may or may not post anything on here ever again. 



The Ann Arbor maid has evolved from a trashy gossip rag with a circulation of 9-10 readers to a trashy gossip blog with a readership of hopefully 20-25 people. Unfortunately the juicy details of the original maid will now be replaced by more appropriate, less funny stories about more general, less interesting topics (i.e. no more stories about rachel’s privates or questionable soup).  Lets do this!