T10P2HOW/RT3 – #9


# 9. This Guy:

That Guy

That Guy


He has sweet hats, his one head has an awesome mustache and he’s standing in front of a mic so he’s obviously a talented entertainer.

Now ask yourselves, what do the twins bring to the table? Their sense of style is nothing compared to this fellow (you know that homeless guy living in our dumpster? Look again. That’s a Pess wearing her trademark sweatpants and northface scrounging for treats.)

Same with personality. Look at this guy–he is morbidly obese, probably has a lot of trouble picking up chicks and is most likely going to die soon. Oh, and he has two heads. Despite all this, he’s still smiling. The last time we saw one of the twins smile was when that guy asked Rebecca to do that thing with her…


He probably has two penises so I suppose including him in our group also means that we’ll never see Sachin again.

Final Verdict:

Same number of heads yet twice the amount of not being dead inside. You can’t argue with mathematics folks.

Congratulations, double-headed guy. Your dad probably left your mother after she gave birth to you but at least you’ve been picked to hang out with us instead of the twins!

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